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Our team is unique, trustworthy and driven to serve.

Matthew Carlson - Owner

Matthew is the owner of Fix It Forward Auto Care and President of Fix It Forward Ministry. A self-proclaimed "car guy", he quit his day job of 15 years, as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, to run Fix It Forward Auto Care and it's Ministry full-time.

When not working at Fix It Forward, you can find him playing with old cars or spending time with his wife and four kids.

Kristi Carlson - Owner

Kristi has been part of Fix It Forward Auto Care and it's Ministry since it's first conception. She has filled many roles in helping keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

When she isn't at the shop, you can usually find her cruising around in one of her classic cars, spending time with family, or playing with her dogs.

Traci R. - Service Advisor

Colin P. - GM

Johnny J. - Technician

Lexi J. - Service Advisor

Dillan P. - Foreman

Moorhead team.

Ramon R. - Technician

John B. - GM

Zach K. - Technician

Dan L. - Technician

Travis M. - Service Advisor

Brett M. - Technician

West Fargo team.

Justin P. - Service Advisor

Justin J. - Foreman

Kevin C. - GM

Mike S. - Service Advisor

Evan B. - Technician

Justin H. - Technician

Hunter H. - Technician

Isaac T. - Technician

South Fargo team.

Samantha H. - Parts Mngr.

John W. - Service Advisor

Lyal H. - Technician

Shaun R. - GM

Dave E. - Foreman

Downtown Fargo team.

2021 Team Shaun
2021 Team Shaun

Justin R. - Service Advisor

John H. - Technician

2021 Team Shaun

Alan A. - Technician

Dave F. - Technician

2021 Team Shaun

Dustin W. - Technician

Max C. - IT/Maintenance

John C. - Trainer/Recruiter

Stephen D. - Marketing Director

Travis H. - Marketing

Gypsy - Top Dog

Corporate team.