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We at Fix It Forward Auto Care are here to help you with all your automotive repair needs. We are focused on honest, reliable service so you no longer have to worry about your car repairs. Our technicians are experienced and certified across all areas of general auto repair, including but not limited to the following:

Differential repair, rebuilding and replacement.

If your differential is making noise or leaking, we can check it out and find the best solution to fix the problem for you.

Are you planning on buying a used car? Do you like a vehicle you've see online, but are nervous about the safety of meeting someone to look at a vehicle or buying a vehicle that has issues? We have a solution!

For $80 we offer a Vehicle Prepurchase Inspection. You can have the seller meet you with the vehicle at our shop, a safe public location, and we will do an inspection on the vehicle and give you a written estimate of any issues we find. We will even test drive the vehicle with you to identify any drivability issues.

Vehicle pre-purchase inspection.

Engine repair and replacement.

We can do most engine repairs, anything from diagnosing check engine lights to engine replacement and most everything in between. Is your car making a funny noise? Leaking on your garage floor? Let us look it over for you.

Brake service.

Few things are more important to the safety and reliability of your car than it’s brakes, but with a little properly timed maintenance, they will keep you and your family safe.

Oil and filter changes.

Modern car improvements have allowed oil changes to be less frequent, but in turn even more important. Changing your oil and filter with the proper oil at the correct intervals is essential for the longevity of your car.

Coolant service.

Coolant systems are easily ignored, but once there is a problem, you will know it. Our skilled technicians can inspect and maintain your cooling system to help avoid catastrophic failures.


Here in the northland, tires are incredibly important for the safety, reliability and handling of your vehicle. We will work with you to find the best tires to fit your needs and budget.

Ignition systems.

Ignitions systems are another area that have seen massive improvements. Maintenance intervals are longer than they have ever been. Doing the maintenance at the recommended intervals will keep your car running smoothly and maximize fuel efficiency while minimizing emissions.

Electrical systems.

Let our highly trained technicians use the proper diagnostic equipment to quickly diagnose electrical and computer related issues in your car, keeping it in tip top shape.

Transmission service, diagnostics and replacement.

Transmission reliability has come a long way, but so has their complexity to improve vehicle performance and mileage. We can help keep your transmission maintained and performing as it was designed.

Air conditioning and heating systems.

With our changing seasons, both heating and air conditioning are very important to keep your car safe and comfortable. We will keep these systems running properly to keep your family happy.

We fix everything!

We now cater to the needs of diesel drivers throughout the Fargo-Moorhead area. We specialize in domestic diesel-powered vehicles (Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax) with expertise in diesel diagnostics as well as general repair.

The range of vehicles we’re equipped and qualified to repair at Fix It Forward Auto Care distinguishes us from other auto and truck repair shops in the area—old to brand-new, big to small, we’ve got you covered!

Diesel repair.

Our fleet service focuses on SPEED OF DELIVERY, convenience and quality of service. We prioritize fleet work to minimize down-time and maximize your productivity. We know that your fleet represents a significant investment. We work to provide your company with safer, more reliable vehicles that have a lower lifetime operating cost with quality repairs and maintenance.

Cars and trucks in a fleet get a tremendous amount of use and need repair and maintenance.  When they are maintained by Fix It Forward Auto Care, they can be depended upon for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Fleet repair.

Speak to one of our friendly service advisors. They're here to help!

FIFAC Service Advisors

We do extended warranty work!

If you have an extended warranty, we can do the estimates, repairs and associated paperwork in most cases.

Most repairs backed by our:

BG Services Logo

We offer a full line of BG Lifetime Protection Plan services.

BG Products is the leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive fuel and oil conditioners, specialty chemicals, and greases.

With their Lifetime Protection Plan, if you get your car serviced with their products at regular intervals, they will automatically cover the repairs of major systems up to over $6,000.

To break it down even further, the BG LifeTime Protection Plan covers seven major systems: fuel, engine, transmission, drive line, cooling, power steering, and brakes.

If you get your vehicle serviced with BG products at the recommended intervals (shown below) your car will automatically be covered for major system repairs up to over $6,000.

That means, for example, if you get a BG Power Steering Service, repair of the lubricated parts in your power steering system will automatically be covered for up to $4,000!* How’s that for peace of mind with your investment?

At Fix It Forward Auto Care, we are proud to carry and use BG products. They are truly superior quality products that will enable your car to achieve and maintain the best performance and the greatest longevity.

By getting your car maintenance services at Fix It Forward Auto Care at regular intervals, you will automatically be put on the BG Lifetime Protection Plan – there is absolutely no extra cost to you!

Four convenient Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo locations.

• Over 40 work bays

• After-hours key drop

• FREE loaner cars

• Comfortable waiting areas

• FREE Wi-Fi

• Complimentary coffee bar

• 0% financing available

• 5 Year/60 Mile Warranty

Drive now. Pay later.

Now offering Synchrony Car Care 0% financing.

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