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Justin Jondahl, May 5 2020

Not All Brake Jobs Are Created Equal

When we inspect your brakes or components, there is a thorough check over of ALL brake components to ensure safe braking. Often, if you're experiencing rapid brake wear or uneven wear, there are underlying causes that need to be addressed.

Here is an example of some brake pads that came off the same caliper on a vehicle. Only one side is worn down. This is usually due to a stuck caliper or slide pin. We always clean and or lube slides andcheck caliper operation. Even your brakes hoses can fail or become restricted. 

All these factors can result in loss of over 50% braking force per wheel. Additionally, brake rotors can easily become too thin over time resulting in poor heat dispersment and warpage. 

Some shops will cut corners and just replace the brake pads only, or machine your brake rotors beyond the manufactures minimum spec to clean them up. Not us here at Fix It Forward Auto Care.

So when you want the best and safest stopping power, come see us!


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Written by

Justin Jondahl


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