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Justin Jondahl, June 2 2020

Listen To Your Vehicle

Look and listen for the following warning signs that your brakes need to be inspected:

- Low Pedal: does the brake pedal almost touch the floor before engaging?

- Hard Pedal: are you applying extreme pressure to the pedal before brakes engage.

- Noise: grinding, screeching or clicking noises when applying the brakes.

- Pulling: vehicle pulls to one side while braking.

- Grabbing: brakes grab at the slightest touch to the pedal.

- Vibration: brake pedal vibrates or pulses, even under normal braking conditions.

- Light: brake light is illuminated on your vehicle’s dashboard.

If you are experiencing any of these issues call us to schedule your brake inspection. 218-284-3200.

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Written by

Justin Jondahl


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