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Justin Jondahl, March 2 2020

High Mileage Cars

We at Fix It Forward Auto Care can keep your high mileage vehicle reliable and on the road. Maintenance is the key, from fluid changes, flushes, spark plugs, timing belts and brakes. 

Check out this 436,000 mile 2009 Ford Fusion! It might have gained some dents, scratches and rust spots over the last 11 years but it has been reliable transportation. 

This car has been maintained since it was new by one of our technicians. Approximately 135 oil changes, 8 sets of tires, 10 trans fluid changes, 3 sets of brakes, 4 sets of spark plugs, 2 brake fluid changes and 1 engine replacement at 316k miles.

This car has never been stuck on the side of the road but if it wasn't for the meticulous maintenance, that likely wouldn't have been the case. 

Have us check all your vehicles fluids and perform scheduled maintenance to keep you driving happy! Maybe your vehicle will rack up half a million miles!

Schedule your appointment today at 218-284-3200. Or visit: www.fixitforwardautocare.com/appointments.

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Written by

Justin Jondahl


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