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Justin Jondahl, February 21 2020

GM Fuel Management

GM has offered active fuel management in several of it's cars and light trucks for the last 13 years or so. This helps your vehicle use less fuel by deactivating cylinders under certain driving conditions when less power is needed. 

While this is a good method to save fuel, it can become problematic at times. From lifters to oil pressure issues or solenoids, we at Fix It Forward Auto Care can fix them. We have the experience and tools to service, repair and maintain your late model GM vehicles. 

This truck came to us with 200,000 miles, a misfire and light ticking noise. We found a collapsed/stuck displacement on demand lifter. We were able to repair it with quality parts available in town and had the customer back on his road trip in a timely manner. 

The rest of the engine was in good condition so with some new lifters and gaskets, the engine should last another 100k+ miles.... Not to mention our 3 year repair warranty!

Written by

Justin Jondahl

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