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Justin Jondahl, September 18 2020

Brake Pad Inspection

STOP!! Scrolling and read this.

Your brakes can sometimes be overlooked and you might think they are working fine. These brake pads looked normal on the outside. The only complaint was minor pulsation while stopping. 

As we performed a full brake inspection on a 2012 Ford F150, we found brake pad degradation and heat cracking. These brake pads weren't far from falling apart. The brake calipers were functioning normal but the pads were getting stuck in the brackets causing excess heat and premature wear.

This also can significantly decrease your fuel mileage! Not to mention a safety issue during emergency braking, increasing the distance it takes to stop quickly. 

Here at Fix It Forward Auto Care, we perform full brake inspections and performance testing to keep your vehicle stopping at 100% efficiency.

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Written by

Justin Jondahl


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